July Timer of the Month: Bart Muylle

16523473527_7f379c4b5c_bMyTime began as a group of friends pooling timing equipment for events they were organising all across New Zealand, but today it has grown into one of the largest full service timing teams with around 140 events per season. From Road Races to Cycling, Kayaking and SUP Bart Muylle and his team do it all! Read on to get insight on how Bart sets up his races and why he loves his job!

Q: Tell us a little about MyTime.

A: Back in 2006 we were helping to organise a few events around NZ and that season we did results manually including for some triathlons. Needless to say, that was pretty painful and we found it a huge challenge to get results up online quickly for the participants to check. Not wanting a repeat, we purchased some IPICO gear for the 2007 season which made everyone’s life so much easier. Some friends who were also organising events then asked if we wanted to use our gear to time their events also and MyTime was born. From those humble beginnings back in 2008 when we first started to time events commercially, we have grown to be one of New Zealand’s leading timing companies. During the 2015-2016 season, MyTime provided timing services to about 140 events, which works out at an average of close to 3 events each week. Our market is still predominantly running events (road as well as off-road and cross country) and we also have built a strong reputation in the triathlon and multi-sport field. Cycling, swimming, kayaking, SUP and waka ama are other sporting disciplines we have done the timing for.


Q: What’s your current IPICO system setup?

A: MyTime currently owns 6 IPICO Elite and 2 Lite timing systems. We have a few thousand shoe tags for our running events, about 2000 passive multi-sport tags and a few hundred Power tags. For the bigger running events we use the IPICO bib tags as disposable transponder option.


Q: What challenges did you face when you first started timing events and how did you overcome them?

A: Our challenges were mostly around learning the timing software which drives the results in the end. We found the easy part was learning how to use the IPICO timing equipment which is super user friendly. To make sure that everything would go smoothly on event day we would practice setting up the software and hardware just as it would be done for whatever event we had coming up and did little ‘dummy’ races around the house, wearing transponders while going through the test timing points.


Q: What changes to foresee happening to the timing market in New Zealand?

A:The market has grown rapidly over the last few years with lots of events that did not use electronic timing before making the conversion. While we see that continuing there is also the drive from more established events to keep up with technology and try to use timing and participants’ results to better connect with participants and their supporters during and after the event.


Q: What advice would you offer others who are considering becoming an event timer?

A: Get yourself good quality timing hardware, i.e. IPICO, and take some time learning whatever software you end up choosing to use.


Q: What is your favorite thing about being an event timer?

A: Two things stand out really: Firstly, having competed in different sports ourselves over the years, it’s great to still be involved with sport and to ‘be at the races’, without having to put the body through 2 training sessions every day of the week. Secondly is the varied locations we travel to for events and the range of people who organise the events. From the beach at Mission Bay overlooking the harbour and Rangitoto island, to Mt Ruapehu, the 42 Traverse MTB track and Mt Maunganui; every time we head out is liking going on a mini holiday. We also work with some pretty cool and special people who put on these great events around New Zealand.

Q: Why did you choose to purchase and use IPICO hardware?

A: The ease of use and set-up is what originally sold us to the IPICO hardware. The reliability and great read rates is what makes us continue to use IPICO after close to a decade in the business


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