Introducing the TUHF Reader



Video Snippet

Jerry Riebling of River City Race Management, a long-time, loyal ACTIVE | IPICO timer, loves the work he does. For many years he has built his business on the gold-standard accuracy that IPICO timing provides. In recent years, the landscape of endurance race timing events has changes and Jerry has found it difficult to compete on pricing for smaller, local road races.  As Jerry works to diversify and grow his event portfolio, he explained to Matt, his Account Manager, that he needed a timing solutions designed specifically for the needs of smaller road races. Enter, TUHF™.


TUHF™ is the solution for timers just like Jerry. TUHF™ provides the reliability and service our timers have come to expect from IPICO race timing solutions, with the low cost and versatility of Ultra High Frequency race timing systems. At only $3,199, TUHF™ has premium features like:


  • 3G/ 4G connectivity
  • Built-In WIFI
  • Onboard Logging to store 1.3 million reads
  • Lightweight, rugged design for durability


Additionally, TUHF™ offers timers a single-use tag solution at less than half the cost of the average tag. A pair of tags for TUHF™ is only $.49 for the set. When you purchase your complete UHF race timing solution from IPICO, you will receive:


  • a TUHF reader
  • (2) 3 meter timing lines
  • (1) main power supply


With TUHF™ in his arsenal, Jerry will be able to more aggressively compete for races in his area and grow his timing portfolio. To find out what TUHF™ can do for you, visit or view the official press release