A Race Timer’s Guide to Planning a 5K





Planning a 5K event is no easy feat, even for an experienced race timer. An endurance event is full of nitty-gritty details that requires a hands-on team to get it all done. And for those of us in the finish line community used to taking charge of just one area of the race process, it requires a bit of mental and logistical preparing.  


If you’re looking to start your own endurance events or add race directing services to your timing business, here’s an easy primer to organizing your first 5K, from start to finish. Our guide to planning a 5K race  provides actionable tips and tricks to help timing managers and endurance event organizers make sound business decisions, increase participation and drive revenue. 


Here’s a sneak peak into what you can learn from this free resource:   

  • How to gather all the initial details: time, date, location.
  • Figure out a budget that outlines everything from the port-a-potties to merchandise.
  • Recruit volunteers and team members.
  • Gather the right paperwork.
  • Promote your race to reach the maximum amount of participants through social media and other marketing tactics.
  • Find the right sponsors.
  • Review and evaluate your event and plan for future races.


Built on the advice of seasoned race directors, including Dave McGillivray, race director of the Boston Marathon and Bart Yasso, the Chief Running Officer for Runner’s World, this guide has everything you need to plan, executive and grow your race.

To learn the ins and outs of planning a smooth 5K event, download ACTIVE’s guide to planning a 5K.