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Working to continually provide valuable support solutions, ACTIVE | IPICO is building upon an existing team of stellar support experts to deliver expanded support tools for IPICO timers. 


Enhanced support includes:

  • Knowledge Base: Tap into a continuously growing library of quick-reference articles to answer questions anytime, anywhere.
  • Case Management: Submit, view and manage service requests through one intuitive interface.
  • Collaborative Forum: Ask and answer questions from other IPICO timers.


Knowledge Base

Earlier this year, we launched a public knowledge base on our support homepage that provides IPICO timers with self-help guides and articles on many common questions, allowing them the opportunity to troubleshoot solutions in their own time.  July brought an expansion in the form of a private knowledge base that can be accessed once IPICO users log into the online support portal. The additional content delivers more in-depth, technical knowledge specific to our users.  All articles are searchable and can be rated by customers to help identify which are useful and which need improving.  New content is continuously added as questions are filtered through our support team, giving our network of timers shared solutions.

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Case Management

The case management tool provides a resource for tracking service requests.  IPICO timers can submit requests online, or call in a request to our dedicated IPICO support team, and track the progress through this portal.  Users also have access to closed cases, which show information regarding past requests. An integrated, knowledge-search feature supplements the online request process, directing users to existing articles for help.  Customers can also submit comments to the support team for an open case. When support responds, those comments become visible.  Customers confirm when a case is closed, so the IPICO support team can be certain an issue is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Users Forum

The new forum is built on a platform that allows easier access and better communication than permitted by the previous version.  Users can use this forum to ask questions, present answers and collaborate with other IPICO customers.  Notification preferences allow users to track responses to their posts and other topics they choose to follow.  Customers can also use the search bar or filter tool to find posts on particular forum topics.  Working to breed an atmosphere of shared knowledge and thoughts, the ACTIVE | IPICO team will focus further on valuable topic contributions and encouraging timer participation.

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Access to the enhanced IPICO Customer Support Portal opened July 1.  With this and future additions, the ACTIVE | IPICO team is striving to better serve customers through increased, and more easily accessible, support and knowledge-sharing tools.


Take a virtual tour of the IPICO Support Center here.


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