Made for Mud Runs


Most timers would be concerned about read rates if their course looked like this –

Mud covered mats













Why? Because mud and water do not mean ‘accurate results’ for most timing systems.
However, if you use ACTIVE | IPICO mats and shoe tags, mud runs can still yield highly accurate race results.


Why ACTIVE | IPICO equipment is ideal for mud runs:

Our dual-frequency technology
Is unique to IPICO and we put a lot of R&D into its development and hold many patents
Reads through mud, water and the human body and gives accurate read rates
Produces 99.99 % accuracy in large-scale events of nearly 36,000 runners
Is resistant to outside interferences such as metal fences, rebar, rain, snow, mobile communications and broadcast bands

Our Mats
Are made of durable, specialty German-made fabric that has non-slip properties
Can withstand extreme temperature variations
Are waterproof and provide accurate reads even when immersed in more than 4 inches of water –ideal for mud runs!
Are easy to wash and quick to dry
Are hard-wearing and can withstand being driven over by motor vehicles

Our Reader Boxes
Are made of industrial-grade materials and protect the sensitive components within
Meet FCC and CE certifications
Undergoes military spec-style testing including varying environmental conditions, vibration assessments, salt water resistance analysis, and high drops

Our Shoe Tag
Is extremely durable and not affected by being caked in mud or water
Is reusable; as long as you collect them they last an extremely long time
Is customizable! Branding for your event or sponsors and provides your athletes with a unique souvenir


Muddy shoe