Event Spotlight – 2014 Gran Premio TERNUA 14K

Start of the 2014 Gran Premio Ternua 14K

With the slogan “Over the snow and under the stars” a few hundred daring runners gathered January 18, 2014 at the Spanish ski station of Sierra Nevada to participate in the 2014 Gran Premio TERNUA 14K Snow Running.
Unfortunately as the 6:30pm race start time was approaching a big snow storm came down with over 35 MPH (60kmh) winds, temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C) and little to no visibility.  

Timer David Morales of Global-Tempo
IPICO Sports timer David Morales Santiago of Granada’s GLOBAL-TEMPO task to time such event shared with us an amazing race video along with the message “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.

A must see video: http://vimeo.com/85429604