Timer Profile: QuidChrono

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Company Name: QuidChrono
Founded: 2007
Location: Lorraine, Quebec Canada
Events timed each year:
· 50 in 2011
· 110 in 2012
· 200 in 2013

Types of Events: Running, Skiing, Skating, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Duathlon
IPICO Equipment: 5 Elite’s, 2 Lite’s, Mats, and Cycling Antennas

QuidChrono has timed hundreds of events over the years and not only does electronic timing but they also help in all of the planning stages of the event. When asked how their partnership with IPICO Sports has been for their business they stated, “we feel we are part of your family. We always get a personalized service from your staff. When we order something, we get it very fast. We can always count on support from you when we have questions regarding the way to use our equipment.” QuidChrono prides itself on personalized service, instant results, accuracy and reliability, all at an affordable price. Their business goals are to “continue to grow and try new equipment. We like when IPICO improves and adds new equipment. Right now, everything is PERFECT!”

Company Contact Info:
Marie-Claude Dubé
609 mortagne, Lorraine Qc J6z 1w1