New Dashboard v3.0


New Dashboard v3.0 reader management software is now available

Dashboard 3.0 is totally redesigned and has some exciting new features. We will also be rolling out updates with enhancements periodically based on this new platform that will add some of the most requested features to your IPICO Sports reader management toolkit.

Some of the key features of this release are:

-Improved Time sync function – sets time on reader to match PC time
-Improved connection reliability
-Multiple reader support through use of tabs
-Unique tag counter with counter reset (does not affect tag read database)
-Tag reads are now streamed into a database instead of to a cache
-View Tags screen displays tags in searchable, readable format
-Tag data can be filtered, sorted and exported back out to a standard log file
-Transmitter tuning monitoring
-Reader names on tabs can be edited by right-clicking the tab
-Use of tool tips to describe function of buttons

You may now download and install this latest release or view a brief user guide by contacting