2013 Tokyo Marathon

Kimetto_DennisFV-Tokyo13For the second consecutive year the Tokyo Marathon was timed by IPICO Sports’ partner in Japan, R-bies, and their timing group RECS, using custom souvenir shoe tags with outstanding results. Led by Motohiko Kato, truly one of the global leaders as a timer, from the RECS team achieved fantastic results.
Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) wins the 2013 Tokyo Marathon in a new course record time of 2:06:50 Motohiko Kato, said: “We’ve lost only 2 runners’ finish times in 35,252 finishers . We were able to show very high performance with IPICO timing.” No kidding!!

Tokyo Marathon 2013 information:
• 13 Timing points – start, finish, midpoint,
• 2 turning points and every 5km points
• 83 RECS staff
• 42 Elite Readers
• 65 Antenna mats
• 11 of the 8m mats
• 3 of the 7m mats
• 4 of the 6m mats
• 45 of the 5m mats
• 2 of the 4m mats.

tokyo_tag And a look at this years tags!