Spoiler Alert!: IPICO Sports User's Group Meetings to Announce New Products, Updates

At the 2012 IPICO Sports User’s Group Meeting in Houston, TX, USA, we did something that we hadn’t done in quite a while: introduced new products. Since the Winter of 2012, the bib tag has become a major part of our product offerings, and sales continue to grow very favorably!

We must have started a tradition. From the groundswell of user feedback, the bib tag was born. This year, we listened to you: the user, and took the company in a developmental direction over the remaining course of the year to be able to debut some more new products and updates at this year’s 2012-2013 User’s Group Meetings. We set our sights set on 2013 as the ‘Year of the User.’ To aid in that goal we’ve got some exciting new things to show you at our conferences.

You’ve seen the schedules and invitations and, for those of you that attended last year’s gathering, you experienced the exchange from customer to customer that makes IPICO Sports proud to have you as part of the family. As the sales mantra goes, is all standard. But what is around the corner for 2013? We can’t play our hand quite yet, but we’re excited to share just a few breadcrumbs.

Below is a top four list of what we’re working on. Be one of the first to hear about these new developments: to know, you’ve got to go! So, we look forward to seeing you at our conferences.

#1 A change in the Delta

Over the course of the last year, GPRS, tighter NTP integration and several small updates have contributed to the Delta’s software for release 2.4. What can release 2.5 hold? Here’s a sampling:

  • New time synchronization processes.
  • “First-Seen, Last-Seen” record enhancements
  • Support for new tools to control functions of the Delta natively from external software.
And several more improvements! 

#2 Taking your competition to the mat.

With new tags and technologies will come new opportunities for you as a timer. In the field, we want you to be agile, adaptive, and ready to respond to these new opportunities quickly and with confidence. To that end, we’re making some changes to our standard antenna mats going forward. What can you expect?

  • Repairs will be able to be done by you, the timer, easily and quickly, decreasing downtime.
  • New circuit designs mean that you can wave good-bye to the overlap, hello to smooth surfaces!
  • Get your mat from event to event in a new stronger bag.
  • New standard complementary tools for assessing mat performance.
And it doesn’t stop there!

#3 New mat forms added to the product cycle

We pride ourselves on being the only fully-integrated provider of timing solutions on the market today. We’re seeing and hearing about new events through your experiences. To help capture some more of these emerging markets, we’re introducing some antenna form innovations at our User’s Group Meetings, too!

  • Backward and forward-compatible format. Works with both Elites and Lites.
  • Light-weight, compact and portable
  • Varying lengths of antennae for a variety of applications.
What could it be?

#4 Tag, you’re it!

Once a product is released, we know that its life cycle can only improve over time. This generational approach to design means that our future versions of products only get better. For one of the members of our tag family, things are about to get better! Improvements include:
  • High-speed performance, up to 120 km/h (75 mph)
  • Smaller, compact design
  • Waterproof
  • One final hint: no transmitter needed!

Of course, there’s more. But, like above – to know you’ve got to go!

With all this change in the air, and the upcoming ‘Year of the User,’ hear more of the details and get some exclusive looks at these improvements and innovations by attending this year’s European or North American user’s conferences. More details and registration can be found here!