IPICO Sports Bib Tags Released in Q3

In January at the North American Regional Users Group Meeting in Houston, IPICO Sports launched its new disposable bib tag.   Excitement quickly spread as everyone got their hands on the new form factor. After many months of industry speculation, IPICO finally unveiled a disposable tag solution. Following extensive R&D, the US Olympic Trials Marathon seemed like the perfect venue for one final and very public test. The results were overwhelming.

IPICO customer and Owner of “Run the East” in North Carolina, Jamie Orr one of the early adopters of the bib tag says:

“We have used the new bib tags at 3 races now and have been quite pleased. Our read rates have been between 99.9% and 100% and both the race directors and runners have raved about the convenience.”

Paul Williams of SB Timing Inc. in Santa Barbara, CA comments:

“We have found that the new bib tags have incredibly strong read rates. In testing I held the bib tag above my head at a height of over 7’ and the Elite Readers were beeping at rates I have never seen.”

Unlike the shoe tag and multisport tag, the disposable bib tag’s design has the unique capabilities of reading very high off the ground.  One user simply stated the disposable bib tag is a “shoe tag on steroids.”

Matthew Smeltzer of Competitive Timing in Whitefish, Montana has also experienced early success testing the bib tag, but explains the true importance of having a reliable disposable tag option moving forward:

“This new option greatly reduces losing an event bid based on equipment. Having the choice of using the shoe tag, multi-sport tag or bib tag gives our company the tools we need to guarantee a successful event for any style of racing.”

Convenience is one of the most important advantages of the new bib tag.  For example, a bib to tag ID mapping file is provided in a CSV text format and emailed upon purchase. It’s possible to scan using the USB Registration Reader if you’d like to modify the the bib to tag association, but because the files are all provided in advance, that isn’t necessary. Essentially, the idea is that each bib tag is shipped “Race Ready” saving hours of work scanning each tag.

The IPICO Sports disposable bib tag is also convenient because it uses the same chip technology design of other IPICO Sports tags – the shoe tag and multisport tag. That means there is no need to purchase additional readers or equipment because the bib tag is compatible with all existing IPICO Sports readers.

IPICO Sports is offering two different formats of the bib tag – the Ring Bib Tag and the upcoming Generic Bib Tag.

The Ring Bib Tag is the rectangular TAG only; customers will need to purchase their own separate race bibs to which to apply the tags. Attachment is simple – each Bib Tag Ring (the tag has an adhesive layer on the back to allow for an easy peel and stick design). However, you will need to make sure they purchase a bib tag suitable to fit the Bib Tag Ring’s dimensions (7.5 x 4 ¾ inches).

The Generic Bib Tag, which Ipico is finalizing, is already pre-applied to a generic numbered IPICO race bib. This Generic bib tag option will streamline pre-race prep.

With the introduction of the disposable bib tag, IPICO Sports provided its customers with another reliable tag option to add to their race timing tools. Demand for the newly-introduced bib tag has been influenced by its remarkable performance capabilities, ease of use and convenience.

Early feedback and comments regarding bib tag performance have been overwhelmingly positive as the tag continues to grow in popularity among IPICO customers. With tremendous support from its customer base, IPICO Sports continues to grow and offer the widest range of race timing options on the market.

Paul Williams best described the influence the IPICO Sports bib tag will have on the timing market moving forward.

“The read rates beat every competing timing system I have ever used and I have used them all. These new tags are definitely the future.”





For more information on the bib tags, please contact Justin Hopper at (309) 672 6442.