IPICO Sports: Tags for Turkeys promotion

In time for upcoming holiday events, IPICO Sports invites you to join in the fun and compete for prizes sure to make your Turkey Trot or other Thanksgiving-themed event memorable and more exciting!


The Rules

1. Customer proposals for Custom Turkey Trot tag designs will be submitted first 4 weeks of August (August 1st through August 31st)
2. Customers will need to submit artwork in format listed below during the 3 week proposal period:

  1. Resolution/Quality: 300dpi
  2. Type: Vector (AI, SVG) [preferred], PNG, or PDF
  3. Size: Graphics should measure 4 in (10.16 cm) x 4 in (10.16 cm)

3. IPICO Sports will then take all tag design proposals submitted during the required submission period and display them on our IPICO Sports Facebook page for voting to commence.
4. Voting will take place on our IPICO Sports Facebook page and Blog during the last week of August (August 23rd through August 31st). Customers will be voting for “Best Turkey Trot tag design).
5. Customers will only be allowed to vote twice during the voting period.
6. Once customer voting has concluded, orders for initial tag design proposals will be taken September 3rd until September 28th. (500 custom shoe tags minimum order requirement)
7. IPICO Sports will waive required $400 custom tag setup fee for all customers placing orders for their custom Turkey Trot design proposals
8. After all orders have been taken, IPICO Sports will announce the winner of the “Custom Tag Turkey Trot” contest. Contest winner will receive a future order of 500 free custom shoe tags. (Contest winner has 1 year to claim their 500 free custom shoe tag prize)

Goodies – Tag Design Templates




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  • These images contain no copyrights to which use is not permitted/I am not the holder.
  • These images and their contents become property of IPICO Sports.
  • IPICO Sports reserves the right to change any above rules at any time without notification.
  • Submission of art is considered final approval.
  • IPICO Sports also reserves the right to disqualify entries, having notified entrant of reasons why.

Trouble with the form? Reach out to us by phone or email, and we’ll help you enter.

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