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Event Dashboard

Instead of pulling reports to determine registration trends, simply go to the Event Dashboard to get at-a-glance stats, both by individual event and across events. This is one of the most valuable and popular tools for event directors because you can view age, gender and category breakdowns; registrations sources; and daily registration and revenue counts, in a single snapshot. You’ll have fast access to actionable data without having to filter and interpret an Excel sheet.

Enhanced Email Tool

Get the attention of more participants with enhanced email communication tools that are flexible enough to create a tailored message. Choose from a variety of slick templates, and import and store contacts in a variety of ways. You can automate emails to be sent after triggers you determine, to any segment you choose (age group, past years’ registrants, etc.). And you’ll know exactly how successful you were with detailed reports on opens and clicks.

Discount Code Creation

Maybe you’ve got a marketing campaign you need to launch, or perhaps you’d like to give special pricing to a specific group. With ACTIVEWorks, it’s really easy to generate your own coupon codes or have the system generate them. You can create and upload batches of up to 500 coupon codes at one time and track them to analyze success.

Dynamic Questions

Customize your registration flow to ask participants questions based on their responses to previous questions. This will personalize the experience for them, while effectively collecting information you need about their demographics and preferences.

More Customer Support

Have a technical question? Need advice on best practices? Just want to talk to someone who will listen? Call, email, or live chat with us. We have expanded our support for ACTIVEWorks customers and our team is here to help with whatever you need—it’s free and unlimited.

ACTIVEWorks Help Center: Available 24/7
Get real-time answers, easily find topics with Google search, quickly access resources, and stay updated with new feature highlights. A Help link is located in the black tool bar of your ACTIVEWorks screen.

  • Live Chat: Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm PST
  • Phone Support: Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm PST
  • Weekend Phone Support: Saturdays and Sundays 7am – 3pm PST

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Register participants on the go—at expos, on race morning, or even at the finish line for next year’s event—with the free ACTIVE On-Site mobile app. The app works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and syncs in real time with ACTIVEWorks, getting more people registered faster and saving you (and your timing company) from doing rushed data entry.

Social Media Integration

Participation in the endurance industry has expanded to become a social event experience. To take full advantage of that, your event needs to be sharable and virally engaging. ACTIVEWorks features new integrated Facebook tools that help both you and your participants share your event socially, increasing its exposure exponentially.

Participant Self-Edit Tools

No more back-and-forth emails and phone calls requesting a simple address or email change! Allow participants to go online and make their own edits to save you time. Participants can update personal information, change categories, and transfer race numbers based on the rules (and fees) you create. This will increase customer satisfaction, save you time and even earn you some extra revenue along the way.

Refunds and Partial Refunds

In Registration Center, event directors had to contact client support (during business hours) to process a participant refund. With ACTIVEWorks, you can now refund whomever you want, whenever you want. There are no middle men and no wait times, making the refund process faster and more efficient for everyone.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Built specifically for endurance events, ACTIVEWorks is intuitive, straightforward, and easily navigable by event directors. Setting up your next event couldn’t be simpler—you’re guided step by step through the process with a friendly set-up wizard, ensuring you won’t miss anything and will get the most out of the tools in ACTIVEWorks. Plus, once you‘re set up, it’s easy to control and analyze every event detail.

Updates Every 3 Weeks

One of the best things about ACTIVEWorks is that it’s continually being improved and updated. With a release every three weeks, you’ll experience much shorter waits for new product innovations and changes. Release notes are always updated under “New Features” in the Help Center.

Customers who made the switch to
ACTIVEWorks… and loved it

ACTIVE is the benchmark – the 800-pound gorilla with registration technology. The company has the most proven commodity and the biggest consumer database.

Tim Scrivner Tim Scrivner
Co-Founder, Run the Jailbreak
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“The great thing about ACTIVE is that you can give them feedback and they are really responsive to your needs.”

Vineman, Inc.
Amy Latourette
Registration Coordinator
Vineman, Inc
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“ACTIVE.com is a great channel to help us attract participants and the registration system is a great tool to get people signed up easily.”

John Spriggs
John Spriggs
Co-Race Director, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run
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ACTIVE Network helps me build my brand, and brand is everything. I don’t see how we could have built this business without ACTIVE.

Penni Bengston Penni Bengston
Co-Founder, Finish Line Productions
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How to Get Started

Step 1

Log in to ACTIVEWorks

Sign in with your Registration Center email address and password (this is also your ACTIVE.com account information).

Log in to ACTIVE Works
Step 2

Set up your Organization

Set up your Organization

This is your starting point for ACTIVEWorks. All events in ACTIVEWorks are linked to an organization. The organization acts as the “parent” of these events.

All events within an organization have common remittance information and you can view organization-wide reporting for easier cross-event management.


1. Enter your primary contact, organization, and pay to/financial information.

2. Review and electronically sign the ACTIVE Network Agreement. Then press Finish!

How to: VideoFAQs and Tips

Step 3

Set up your Event

Setting up your next event couldn’t be easier. You’ll be guided step by step through the process with a friendly set-up wizard. This format ensures you won’t miss anything in the process and you’ll get the most out of the tools in ACTIVEWorks that help you market and manage your race.

Manage participant self-edit capabilities, fundraising, additional purchases, your ACTIVE.com listing and more, all from one, easy-to-navigate place.

How to: VideoOnline Guide

Set up your Event
bookmark or save the login page


You are now ready to learn how to utilize all the great features of ACTIVEWorks.


Learn to Use ACTIVEWorks

Everything you need to make the transition as smooth as possible. Download this List

Steps Resources
Get to Know ACTIVEWorks
Organize Your Info Pre-Setup
  • Collect the information you'll need for setup

    Org Info:

    • 1. Organization name, public mailing address
    • 2. Main contact name & email
    • 3. Remittance information (Pay To information)
    • 4. Payment Types
    • 5. Facebook & website links
    • 6. Images & Links to Maps/Courses

    Event Info:

    • 7. Event name, date, location
    • 8. Team registration details (if applicable)
    • 9. Categories/pricing details
    • 10. Registration form questions
    • 11. Donation options
    • 12. Waivers
    • 13. Additional Purchases
    • 14. Discount/Coupon list
  • Learn setup tips that will increase event participation
Set Up Your Organization Every event in ACTIVEWorks is linked to an organization, which is the top tier of management control. Video: How to set up your organization (4:48)
Set Up Your Events Once your organization is set up, create your events in ACTIVEWorks. Follow these steps or watch these videos to learn how.
Set Up Fundraising Watch this video (3:55) to learn how to set up event fundraising.
Additional Setup Learn how to add these things to your events:
Optimize Your Website Watch the Create a Custom Button Video (2:00) to learn how to generate a registration button that has proven to increase clicks and registration numbers.
Enable & Promote Event Registration Once your event is live, here's how you can launch and promote it:
Communicate with Past Participants Learn how to email past participants as part of your marketing and branding efforts.
Promote on Social Media Post a message and registration link on Facebook and Twitter to increase exposure.
Accessing Historical Data Don’t worry! You will continue to have access to Reg Center for historical information, reports, registration data, etc.

ACTIVEWorks Best Practices

Make sure you’re primed for success with ACTIVEWorks by learning how to optimize your registration flow, take shortcuts in the system, and provide new options to participants. Use this info to operate more efficiently and boost registrations.
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Navigating ACTIVEWorks

This handy guide outlines where to find some of the most common Reg Center functions in ACTIVEWorks, and how to perform them in the new system. ACTIVEWorks was specifically built to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can get up and running entirely on your own.
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Training Webinars

$50 Instant Ads credit if you attend your first live ACTIVEWorks training webinar! What is Instant Ads?

Become an ACTIVEWorks ninja by taking advantage of our free training. We offer both live and recorded trainings sessions as well as short how-to videos.
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Support Information

ACTIVEWorks Help Center: Get real-time answers to most standard questions, easily find topics with Google search technology, quickly access resources with straightforward navigation tools, and stay updated with new feature highlights.
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CAN'T FIND THE INFORMATION YOU NEED? CONTACT US: Talk to one of our representatives via live chat, phone, or email.
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