"This was my first public race in years and it was critical for me to use a product that would get the word out and would be easy to use."
Cheryl Anker, Founder Off 'N Running Tours

Off 'N Running Tours

Cheryl Anker founded Off 'N Running Tours in 1994, offering running tours for people of all fitness levels throughout Los Angeles. She believes that a change in outdoor scenery can make all the difference in committing to a workout routine, and brought that philosophy to the table when she expanded her company into race direction and management services. Off 'N Running Tours currently directs 5K runs and walks for public races in Southern California and annual conventions nationwide. When preparing to do her first public race in several years, she relied on ACTIVE's race management system to help her attract participants and stay organized. "(Using ACTIVE’s software was) a wonderful experience because it worked," Chery says. Plus, she also could rely on ACTIVE’s support throughout every phase of event planning."Our account manager is the very best there can be," mentioned Cheryl. "He is always available, knows I need a bit more assistance because I expect a lot. He was wonderful."

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