"ACTIVE's customer service and growing 'semi-on-staff' partnership was the difference."
Steve Tomboni, Founder and CEO American Multi-Sport

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American Multi-Sport

Steven Tomboni is the founder and CEO of America Multi-Sport, Inc., which plans and executes endurance events in the Muncie, Indiana area. In addition to connecting with his ACTIVE account manager once a week, Steven relies on 25 years of experience and planning more than 1,000 events to get things right. His team spends months in research and development before launching an event and the endurance community is quick to show support. “We love what we do and the athletes know it,” Steven says. It shows, with early race registrations for the annual cold-weather Viking Winter Dash growing from non-existent for 2016 to more than 30 for the 2017 race, which opened more than a year in advance. When it came to partnering with ACTIVE – which they’ve used since 1999 - it’s about one thing: “Trust.” Looking forward, Steven sees a continued partnership with ACTIVE: “We want your leadership to train our staff to implement all the upgrades for maximum effect.”

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