USAT Conference Preview: The Rise of the Experiential Consumer


Ask any event director who’s been around for awhile and they’ll tell you that keeping participants happy is a different ball game these days. When someone registers for your event, they have high expectations–not only should it be well organized (a given) but it should also be a unique and fun experience. That last part is challenging because it’s a constantly moving target and staying ahead of what participants want is a big job.

Defining the “experiential consumer” and learning how to target this audience is an important topic, and one we’ll be discussing at Continue reading

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

Top-10-blogsIt’s the time of year that we look back and reflect…and try to wrap up the previous 12 months into neat little bundles that summarize the highlights. With that in mind, here are the top blog posts and resources we put out there in 2013. If you missed any or forgot you read some, check them out:

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Putting Out an AP Message – Always Promote!

woman_phoneThe other day a client called us and she was upset. (We’ll call her Shelly, after my favorite aunt.) Shelly had posted her event on a bunch of free websites such as, but the registrations weren’t flooding in. ‘What’s the problem?’ she asked us.

That got us thinking that there might be a lot of organizers out there who might not understand that event promotion is an ongoing, holistic effort. Shelly’s free event listing on is just the first step–it’s exposure to people who are looking for activities. But it’s important for Shelly to remember she’s still competing with lots of other events, even when she’s advertising to a highly targeted audience like That means it’s going to take continual work and marketing efforts to keep those registrations coming in…so always be promoting!

“Ok, so where do I start?” Shelly asked. Good question. Between social media, Continue reading

Promote Your Event Better with New Advertising Programs

Marketing is on our minds this week and we’ve got two new things to share that will help you promote your event better, and more affordably.

 InstantAds1. New Instant Ads Features
Have you checked out Instant Ads yet? Our name-your-price advertising tool is now easier to use and is more automated so the guesswork is taken out of setting up a campaign. In just two steps, you can be up and running.


  • Edit your ad in-line and see how it will appear on
  • Receive advice on how to optimize your ad
  • Set your custom budget

Plus, you can now get new advertorial placements on the Web as well as in Continue reading

3 Things Event Directors Can Learn from Spotify

logoWe’re sure you’ve noticed the hyper-customized suggestions that certain businesses and services are delivering to you online.  For example, Amazon will show you your “Recently Viewed” items or “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought” ads; Facebook will display “Suggested Posts” in your News Feed that are based on your activity/interests; or retailers like Nordstrom will display ads for clothes that are similar to the item you are viewing.  Yes, it can be a little creepy that these inhuman websites know you so well, but this increasing level of customization is working—it has proven to increase revenue because it is giving people a personalized, targeted experience.

One company in particular is doing some interesting customer “suggestions” that gave us a few good ideas. Spotify, a digital music service (and one of our favorite ways to stream hot tunes), not only makes suggestions for new music based on what you and your friends have listened to (it integrates with Facebook), but it also does three other things that event directors can learn from.

Here are three types of Spotify suggestions and how you can use them: Continue reading

Free Promotions for Customers: Winter & Holiday Categories

runners-winterWe’re now ready to start the winter/holiday edition of our new free customer promotional program! As you may or may not know, this program offers our customers the opportunity to nominate their events to be featured in prominent articles.

Do you want to be one of the chosen ones, and get some incredible free exposure to boot? If your event falls into one of these categories, nominate yourself:

  • Turkey Trots: Deadline to submit your event is 9/25/2013 (HURRY! This one is coming up quickly!)
  • Running Races to Tackle Before the Year’s End: Deadline to submit Continue reading

Subject Lines, Part II: 6 NEW Ways to Get Your Emails Opened


Last year we wrote a post about email subject lines and gave you 6 ideas on how to phrase them to get people to open your emails. Well, it was a pretty popular post, so we’d thought we do an update and add 6 NEW ideas that you can put into play to try to get that ever-elusive double click that will put your email in full display to recipients.

To review, the original 6 ideas were:
1. Be specific
2. Ask a question
3. Include value/urgency
4. Use numbers/lists
5. Give a news flash
6. Get personal

Here are 6 new ideas that we’ve seen get good results, in both the endurance industry and beyond: Continue reading

How to Boost Your Facebook Posts

Up-ArrowThe average Facebook Business Page post will only reach 16% of its audience. That means if you have 100 likes on your Facebook page, your posts will appear in the home feeds of approximately 16 people who have liked your page (which isn’t very many!). This has a lot to do with the timing of content and Facebook’s Edgerank system. There is hope–Facebook allows you to reach a higher percentage of your likes as well as people who have not yet liked your page with the “Boost Post” feature. This is a low-cost, high-value tool for those of you looking to draw attention to an event update, registration incentive, etc.

Why You Should Try Facebook’s Promoted Posts:

1. Control – You have total control over who you reach and how much you pay. Continue reading

Calling All Customers, Part 2: Free Promotions for Summer/Fall Categories

Race_Director_coneA few weeks ago, we announced a new free promotional program for our customers on Throughout the year, we highlight different event categories in articles on our site (for example: 13 Scenic Century Rides or 9 Unique Triathlons Across the Country). We want to offer our customers the opportunity to be featured in articles during these promotions, so we started a self-nomination program.

If your event falls into one of these categories, email us at to nominate yourself for free exposure:

  • Scenic Half Marathons:  Deadline to submit your event is 8/5/2013
  • November Triathlons: Deadline to submit your event is 8/9/2013
  • Fall Bike Tours: Deadline to submit your event is 8/14/2013

Here’s how to nominate your event:

1. Send an email to Continue reading

10 Unbelievable Social Media Stats for 2013

social-channelsFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube…blah blah blah. It seems that social media is all people can talk about. Is it really that important, you ask? Or is it just a “would be nice” part of your event marketing strategy?

Last year we did a post on 10 Mind-Blowing Social Media Stats for 2012, which was, as we advertised, mind blowing. So, over a year later, we wondered how things had changed. It’s obvious the social trend has only gained more power…not only have the more established social channels gained strength, but we’ve seen new channels pop up that have become incredibly popular in the blink of an eye. In other words, we’ve moved beyond mind blowing and into unbelievable.

The numbers tell the story–check out 10 unbelievable social media stats that make it clear that your event needs to have a social media presence: Continue reading