Sponsored Race Photography – An Emerging Model

This is a guest post from Eitan Hefetz, founder and CEO of Pic2Go Ltd.

finish-line-photoPhotography has been part of running events since the early days of races emerging as a popular leisure and recreation activity. Runners who sometimes train for months love to get their moments of achievement memorized in great photos.

The Old Model
For years the dominant business model driving racing events photography was selling photos to athletes. This model is becoming challenging for race photographers. People are taking and sharing photos using their smartphones and are reluctant to pay for the official event photos.

Yet, at the same time, race finishers are still enthusiastic about sharing their race experience with their friends, particularly via their social media profiles.

The New Model
Sponsored race photography offers an alternative, up-to-date model. The race or (most probably) the race sponsors pay for having photos taken and instantly posted to athletes’ Continue reading

How to Outsmart Facebook’s News Feed (Free Guide)


Ever feel like it’s an epic “man against machine” battle when you post on Facebook? Fighting against all that other noisy content to get your message seen isn’t easy, but with the right strategy, it can be done.

The first thing you need to do is get priority in the News Feeds of the people who have “liked” your page. The News Feed is the electronic equivalent of Main Street because it’s where the majority of the traffic and activity goes down. Facebook uses an algorithm to prioritize who sees what in the News Feed, which means you need to know how that algorithm works so you can outsmart it. Hence our new, aptly named event director guide: “How to Outsmart Facebook’s News Feed.”

Click below to check it out and learn how you can win that daily battle with Facebook:


4 Ways to Get Girls with Grit (Guest Post)

This is a guest post from Leslie Prevish, founder of Prevish Marketing, runner, triathlete, and expert on marketing to women. With female participation rising dramatically in endurance events, Leslie offers advice on how event directors can attract girls with grit.

cxnats2012-junior-women“These girls are future leaders,” I said, as I watched pony-tails fly and muddy faces grimace during the freezing cold Cyclocross Nationals Junior bike race. Girls with Grit. They’re participants in life; not observers. And they bring others along for the ride. How can you get these chicks with steel ovaries to your events; taking advantage of a goldmine for profit and referrals?

Find “Adventurous Ashley”
She can be a tomboy. She can be a feminine flirt. But, “Adventure Ashley” is always up for adventure. She wants respect … from the boys and the girls. Independence is her middle name. Though sometimes she wants the company of other like-minded women, and men. Where is she? Dating your current event participants perhaps? Or, she’s out enjoying another sport, solo or with others.

Adventurous women are everywhere there’s action: climbing gyms, mountain bike trails, and I bet a few hang out at the pool hall. She enjoys pushing her limits and feeling her heart and mind accelerate. Don’t waste a bunch of money on mall kiosks. Yes, many women frequent Continue reading

How to Organize a Marathon (Free Guide)

Image Source: The News-Gazette

Image Source: The News-Gazette

As you may or may not know, we have a series of resources that we call Event Director GuidesWe call them that because they’re more than articles–they’re playbooks. They are focused on giving you practical, actionable advice, versus high-level concepts.

Our latest guide is called “How to Organize a Marathon.” Fresh off the heels of the Running USA 2014 Industry Conference last week, we wanted to provide a resource for all of those race directors out there who are either new to the industry or adding the 26.2 distance to their experience managing shorter races.

Always had a passion for running but not sure how to get started managing a marathon? Want a platform to help raise money for a charity? Whatever your reason for needing some guidance, this can help:


The Ultimate Social Media Playbook for Endurance Events

playbookSocial media is kinda like Miley Cyrus–everyone is talking about it, but very few people know what’s really going on and no one knows what’s coming next. It’s obvious that social media is really important for participant engagement, so today’s post is about getting rid of all that hype and getting down to what’s real. We’re going to teach you (almost) everything we know about social media in one fell swoop.

We called up a few people who are social media experts, including our in-house director of digital and social media, Justin Ramers, and pooled their knowledge to create the ultimate playbook for event directors. This is no rinky-dink high-level one-pager–we put some serious time into writing a detailed guide that we hope will be incredibly useful to you. This bad boy takes you through the five major social channels, describing them and giving ideas on how to use them before, during and after your event. Plus, we define common social media terms and teach you tools for analytics and results.

If you’ve been looking for a play-by-play social media guide, you’ve found it:


5 Tips to Supercharge Your Event with Social Media


This is a post from Justin Ramers, Director of Digital and Social Media at ACTIVE Network

If you’re like most race directors, you spend a lot of time thinking about the logistics of event day itself. But in today’s social media driven world, the actual event is only half of the equation when it comes to the experience. For anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, a huge part of the experience is sharing it online with friends and family.

Across the industry, most events severely underinvest in the online and social components of the event. But the good news is a little bit goes a long way in these areas. As long as you put some effort into the digital components of your event, you will find the benefits can be exponential.

Here are 5 simple tips to start you on the right path to creating a social media powered event.

1) Content is king
Content is the foundation of social media and creating quality content is vital for success. But “content” can be much more (and simpler) than writing articles or even blog entries. Pictures, Continue reading

Calling All Customers: Free ACTIVE.com Promotions for Winter Categories

Race_Director_coneOur next free promotional opportunity is here! If you’re an ACTIVE customer, you can nominate your event for a chance to be featured on ACTIVE.com. Millions of participants come to our site every month to read articles like 13 Scenic Century Rides or 9 Unique Triathlons Across the Country, and we want our customers to highlighted on these highly trafficked pages. And did we mention it’s free?

If your event falls into one of these categories, email us at PromoteYourEvent@ACTIVEnetwork.com:


  • Scenic Spring Half Marathons: Deadline to submit your event is 1/31/2014
  • Running Races in Wine Country:  Deadline to submit your event is 2/1/2014
  • Races with the Best Post-Race Parties: Deadline to submit your event is 2/5/2014


Here’s how to nominate your event: Continue reading

USAT Conference Preview: The Rise of the Experiential Consumer


Ask any event director who’s been around for awhile and they’ll tell you that keeping participants happy is a different ball game these days. When someone registers for your event, they have high expectations–not only should it be well organized (a given) but it should also be a unique and fun experience. That last part is challenging because it’s a constantly moving target and staying ahead of what participants want is a big job.

Defining the “experiential consumer” and learning how to target this audience is an important topic, and one we’ll be discussing at Continue reading

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

Top-10-blogsIt’s the time of year that we look back and reflect…and try to wrap up the previous 12 months into neat little bundles that summarize the highlights. With that in mind, here are the top blog posts and resources we put out there in 2013. If you missed any or forgot you read some, check them out:

Continue reading

Putting Out an AP Message – Always Promote!

woman_phoneThe other day a client called us and she was upset. (We’ll call her Shelly, after my favorite aunt.) Shelly had posted her event on a bunch of free websites such as ACTIVE.com, but the registrations weren’t flooding in. ‘What’s the problem?’ she asked us.

That got us thinking that there might be a lot of organizers out there who might not understand that event promotion is an ongoing, holistic effort. Shelly’s free event listing on ACTIVE.com is just the first step–it’s exposure to people who are looking for activities. But it’s important for Shelly to remember she’s still competing with lots of other events, even when she’s advertising to a highly targeted audience like ACTIVE.com. That means it’s going to take continual work and marketing efforts to keep those registrations coming in…so always be promoting!

“Ok, so where do I start?” Shelly asked. Good question. Between social media, Continue reading