Real-Time Account Validation Streamlines Membership Confirmation for Endurance Events

Real Time Account Validation in ACTIVEWorks Endurance

Some endurance events present a unique set of liability issues for race directors. Many events, like triathlons, have developed membership systems and national governing bodies (NGBs) to help manage liability waivers, as well as provide extra insurance coverage for participants. This added layer in the registration process is often a requirement to participate, and presents a unique challenge. The problem? Validating memberships can be a time-consuming proposition.

ACTIVE Network developed Real-Time Account Validation to help solve the problem of confirming memberships prior to race day.

Account Validation In the Past

For USA Triathlon sanctioned events, membership in an NGB is a great way to ensure that participants have extra insurance coverage. Historically, the check-in procedure required athletes to present current membership status or complete paper-based membership applications with cash/check payments to the NGB before receiving their bib and chip.  These payments were easily lost, not reconciled, and time-consuming for everyone involved to administer.

This process required a great deal of manpower, took quite a bit of time and invited human error. There was also the possibility of paperwork being lost or filed incorrectly, or failing to identify non-members. Multiply these risks by hundreds or even thousands of registrants for any given race.

ACTIVE Network Real-Time Account Validation

ACTIVE developed a streamlined and secure solution that allows participants’ membership status to be checked quickly during registration. Real-Time Account Validation confirms a participant’s membership status within the USA Triathlon database, minus operational headaches and human error. What’s more, this validation takes seconds rather than minutes.

“This feature takes the guesswork out of membership validation and really helps prevent registrants from falling through the cracks,” says Samantha Wade, Endurance Marketing Specialist for ACTIVE Network.

ACTIVE’s registration system also helps manage liability waivers and store them digitally. This maintains the security of the personal information on the forms and makes them easily accessible. Should a liability issue arise, event directors can access the liability waiver on a tablet or computer, rather than having to dig through boxes of paper files–a time-consuming process which takes even longer if the waiver has been filed incorrectly.

“Our goal was to speed up operational efficiency and streamline workflow with this feature,” Wade adds.

Since adding Real-Time Account Validation to the ACTIVEWorks® Endurance platform, USA Triathlon has seen practical operational benefits. They also gain peace of mind in knowing that all participants are registered members.

Real-Time Account Validation streamlines and secures the validation process for triathlons and any endurance event that uses a membership system and requires validation. To find out more about Real Time Account Validation, contact one of our event experts.