Fund-Racing: How to Incorporate Charity into Your Race Event

How to Incorporate Charity into Your Race Event

Did you know that $1.2B is raised by running events each year for causes big and small?

Incorporating some form of charitable giving into your race event not only supports a great cause but also helps you appeal to a wider audience and strengthen bonds within your community. Check out the following ideas to inspire a unique “fund-racing” plan.

Customize the Giving Experience

The first step is to identify a group or cause that resonates with your event and your target participant group. A marathon that attracts many elite runners, for example, will likely consider different philanthropic partners than a family-friendly 5K. Alternately, you might invite participants to raise funds individually or in teams for nonprofits of their choice.

Organize a Food or Clothing Drive

Monetary donations aren’t the only way to support a great cause. Partner with a local food bank or shelter to host a food or clothing drive on race day. Include specific information for participants in the registration process, such as the types of food or clothing most needed, as well as where to deposit items. After the race, send a follow-up email congratulating participants on how much they collected.

Donate a Portion of Proceeds

This is a great way to attract participants who are interested in charitable giving but may be wary of any extra work required. Enable an automatic or optional donation at the time of registration, so they won’t have to do any extra fundraising or gathering of in-kind donations on their own. Racers feel good and the charity benefits, creating a win-win situation.

Incorporate Charity Partners into Race Day

Hosting representatives from your charity partner on the day of your event is immensely helpful in generating excitement among participants and community members. It deepens your connection to the cause and adds value to race participants, as they’ll be able to meet-and-greet the recipients of their donations. Considering also asking a representative to kick off the race or give a quick speech regarding the charity to help promote their cause.

ACTIVE Network’s online fundraising software helps directors and participants alike support the causes that are meaningful to them. No matter how you choose to structure your giving plan, it can help your participants rally around a cause and create lasting memories through your event.


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