8 Essential Podcasts for Race Directors in 2018

42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly—five times more than go to the movies.1 Whether you’re one of them or are considering joining their ranks, podcasts can be essential sources of news and insight. Plus, they provide a little easy listening during your own workouts.

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Endurance Junkie Podcast

In this interview-style podcast, host Peter Brees chats up pros athletes coaches, race directors, and industry experts. Sports vary widely, from triathlon and running to parkour.

Previous episodes have featured conversations with Rowyn James, race director of iconic endurance event Comrades Marathon; influencer Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World; and Ironman champion Lionel Sanders (to name a few). Movers and makers from every corner of the field land on this informative podcast.

The Marathon Show

This podcast features episodes with race directors, explaining the ins-and-outs of race planning and sharing their wins and losses. You’ll come away with nuggets of wisdom you can apply on your own race day. For example, a recent episode spotlighted Steve Mayer, executive producer of IMG Productions, which produces the New York City and Boston Marathons, about producing a marathon telecast.

Race recap shows highlight participants experiences in competitions and provide valuable insight. The show also features tips from medical professions and suppliers about outfitting marathons. It’s a one-stop shop for all things marathon.

Marathon Talk

For news you can use from the world of running, tune into this show from experienced multi-sport athletes Martin Yelling and Tom Williams. Previous shows have touched on Galen Rupp’s win at the Chicago Marathon, conversations about when race medics should step in, and new records at marathon and shorter distances.

The 1609 Podcast

This podcast may be the new kid on the track—it launched August 2017—but it’s off to a fast start. Hosts Alexandra Sizemore and Evan Schwartz talk about running news and elite results, and interview race directors such as the head of the Columbus Marathon.

Trail Runner Nation

This must-listen for trail runners and trail event organizers keeps listeners up to date with the latest big finishes and record races, plus interviews with elite athletes about their experiences at specific races, like the 2017 Bigfoot 200 Endurance Race.

Episodes occasionally touch on training and racing tips; however, since many race directors got into the business because of their love for the sport, even these episodes could quickly become your favorites.

IM Talk

Hosted by an Ironman champion and Ironman convert, this show centers on Ironman races. However, the conversation could easily apply to conversations about all long-distance triathlons. Episodes recap race results—including interviews with top finishers—as well as update listeners about top pro earners of the year. They also delve into issues surrounding race operations from the participant perspective including group wave starts, suitable wetsuits, and more.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Hosted by triathlete and five-time Kona Ironman Ben Greenfield, this top-rated show speaks to athletes aiming for high performance. Although it may not inform your race-day decisions, it will keep you up to date on fitness trends from a thought leader in the field. After all, how else are you going to know how celebrating Christmas too long effects race times, the best recipes for keto-waffles, or how the best supplements for altitude?

The Rich Roll Podcast

This chart-topping podcast deep dives into wellness. It’s a bit of a detour from the standard running/racing podcasts noted elsewhere in this list, but here’s where it’s good: It features conversations—often intimate and intense—with change makers including author Gretchen Rubin, chef Rocco DiSpirito big-mountain skier Lynsey Dyer.

Topics range from health and fitness to entrepreneurship and spirituality, and they’ll have you thinking outside the box about your own approach to business and wellness.


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