Bonefrog: An Authentic Taste of (& Tribute to) the Navy SEAL Experience

We’re proud to support our clients’ missions. And we’re particularly proud to be a supporter and partner of the Bonefrog Navy SEAL Mud Run and Obstacle Race.

Bonefrog is the only obstacle course race in the country that’s owned and operated by Navy SEALs. Developed in 2012, Bonefrog started out when a team of SEALs, seeing a gap in the obstacle course market, set out to create an OCR that authentically recreated the training they received as part of the SEALs.

Bonefrog launched its first event, the Bonefrog Challenge, in 2013. The 9-mile race, which included 36 obstacles, quickly gained a reputation as one of the toughest in OCR. Bonefrog later launched additional events to appeal to a wider demographic of racers, including:

  • The Bonefrog Sprint (a 3-mile race for less experienced racers looking for a challenge)
  • The Bonefrog Tier 1 (which puts racers through the Bonefrog Challenge and the Bonefrog Sprint back-to-back)
  • The Bonefrog Endurance (an 8-hour race designed for elite racers).

Since launching that first event in 2013, Bonefrog has grown to 10 annual events from Boston to Texas, with a goal of eventually reaching 30 cities across the nation.

A Military Heritage

The Bonefrog team wanted to make sure that not only were the obstacles as authentic to their Navy SEAL training as possible but that they paid tribute to that heritage.

Arguably, the most powerful obstacle on the course is 31 Heroes. As racers make their way to the obstacle, they’re greeted by a banner with 31 names. These 31 names represent each soldier lost on Extortion 17, a military helicopter shot down in Afghanistan in 2011, the biggest loss of life in SEAL team history. During the 31 Heroes obstacle, racers must do 31 burpees, calling out the name of a fallen soldier for every burpee. This emotional tribute is both a highlight of the race and an honor to the soldiers who gave their lives protecting our country.

And it’s not just the obstacles that pay tribute to Bonefrog’s Navy SEAL heritage. Bonefrog is committed to employing Navy SEALs on their race team and donates a portion of all race proceeds to the Navy SEAL Foundation, a nonprofit that provides support to the families of fallen and seriously injured SEALs. Since their first event in 2013, Bonefrog and their racers have donated over $150,000 to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

A True Team Spirit

One of the biggest factors that keeps racers coming back year after year is the camaraderie that develops within the racing community – another nod to the race’s military heritage.

“One of the cooler things is you start to see teams develop throughout the race,” says race director Josh Rich. “You might have 10 or 20 individual racers who come by themselves but they come across the finish line holding hands with a chain of 10 people.”

Bonefrog & ACTIVE

We’re proud to be able to help bring this event to more racers across this country. In this 2-minute video, learn how ACTIVE has helped Bonefrog solve their registration and check-in issues, getting more racers on the course: