How We Help You Race to the Top of Search Rankings with Built-in SEO

Google is a powerful tech company with one goal for its search engine: to help each search user find the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

As a consumer, you benefit from the 500-600 algorithm changes Google makes every year by being able to quickly find the things you’re looking for.

But as an event director wanting your event to show up on the first page of relevant searches, it’s easy to get discouraged. Just as your participants are competing with each other to get to the finish line, you’re also competing to get your race at the top of searches.

How can you break through the pack? That is, how can you keep up with all the Google algorithm changes, learn search engine optimization (SEO) – the secret sauce that makes those algorithms work – and consistently be found by more participants?

You could learn about SEO or hire someone to manage that for you.

AND you can take advantage of the world’s largest marketplace of activities — — with a reach of 81 million visitors per month. With traffic like that, it will ALWAYS rank in the top of searches, even for people who might not even know they want what you offer! 

Free, Built-in SEO for Our Customers

If you haven’t seen, let’s take a scroll through the site. Think like a consumer, for a minute, not a race director.

It’s a little bit like an online mall. There’s a lot to choose from, and the look and offerings change often. Since it’s November, the Thanksgiving theme is displaying prominently, so we’ll use “Turkey Trots” for our exploration. 

When you get to the page, right away you have the opportunity in the header to type in an activity, update the auto-populated address and search location, as well as “add family members” to custom-curate your results.

Find a Turkey Trot in Your Search Area

You’ll see immediately under the header four categories of endurance events (Running, Kids & Family, Cycling and Outdoors) with buttons for every type you can imagine.

When you click on Turkey Trots, a page of options in your search area quickly populates, as shown below. You’ll see an article first (Find Your Turkey Trot). We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Below the article is the list of events from your query.

You’ll see various notations, such as the event’s distance from you, or the fact that some events have chosen to be promoted. There may be more than one page of results.

I’m curious about the Lantern Run, so I click on it.





Immediately, I see all the registration details as well as a ton of information about the run itself, including what’s in the swag bag!

If I scroll down further on the page, l find a map, photos from past events, and a listing of other Lantern Runs in other cities, just as easily explored.

If I like what I see, I just click the registration button and quickly register. My information is automatically integrated into the Lantern Run’s database with no effort on the organizer’s part.

This event’s organizer earned me as a participant simply by being an ACTIVE customer and being automatically listed (for free) where I could find it.

Back to If the Lantern Run doesn’t turn out to be my thing and I want to broaden my Turkey Trot horizons, I can hit the back button and browse through the other listings or click on the Read More button on the article and go to a slideshow that visually enlightens me on fun Turkey Trots being held in different regions of the country:

That’s in a nutshell.

Now it’s time to think like an event director. Just imagine the power of millions of people clicking through options that catch their eye or meet their exact specifications. It’s fun! It’s easy! And it works!

That’s how we deliver built-in SEO to our customers.

Find out how it could work for your event.