How to Master Consumer Demand Generation for Your Events

63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.1

If you can relate, you’ve probably discovered that digital and social media marketing can be a challenge, especially for time-strapped race directors.

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There’s a Better Way

If digital marketing isn’t your area of expertise, remember that your time is money. Attempting to navigate the learning curve of social platforms and search engines—which change frequently—could be costing you more than you realize.

Imagine this…

  • Up to 3,000% return on ad spend.
  • A team of digital marketing experts effectively targeting your customers where they already are–social media, search engines and more, and continuous monitoring and optimizing your campaigns.
  • Someone else creating your ads, testing, targeting, managing bids and providing detailed reporting.
  • Reaching attendees as they search for things to do on Google.
    When attendees search for local events and activities, your ads appearing next to and above relevant search results–no matter the device they’re using.
  • Effortlessly re-engaging with consumers who have already visited you, via Google remarketing campaigns.
    Have you ever searched for a product online, only to have it follow you wherever you go? That’s not coincidence–that’s remarketing, and it’s really effective.
  • Reaching attendees who are “like”-minded on Facebook.
    More than 2 billion people use Facebook, and more than 1.32 billion visit every day.
  • Attracting new audiences with engaging visual content on Instagram.
    700 million monthly users and 300 million daily users could be clicking on your amazing images.

“We went from averaging 1,200 registrations per event to over 10,000 registrations per event.”

Brogg Sterret, Founder and CEO, BUBBLE RUN

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