When Every Moment Counts: The Basics of Medical Preparedness for Your Race

All by itself, running, cycling and swimming can be hard on the body. Add the adrenalin of race day, severe weather, road hazards, unexpected crowd behavior and all the unforeseeable events outside your control, and you’ve got a formula for potential injury.

You’ve got expertise in organizing your event and all its details, but you most likely don’t have a medical degree or expertise in handling or maybe even preparing for medical emergencies.

Neither do we.

That’s why we talked to an expert for advice on how our race directors can reduce liability and protect their participants.

Dr. Stuart Weiss, CEO of MedPrep Consulting Group and medical director for the New York City Marathon, shares the basics every race director should know in our newest resource, When Every Moment Counts, Medical Preparedness 101 for Race Directors.

Download the white paper now to make sure your basics are covered!