Strategic Marketing Gives 40-Year-Old Race a Makeover

In September 2017, the Great Cow Harbor 10K will commemorate its 40th anniversary.

After more than 30 years of successful events, 2015 was the year when it was obvious that New York’s Great Cow Harbor 10K was due for a strategic refresh. While the race had steadily drawn about 5,000 participants each year, Race Director Rich Boziwick noticed that registration fell in 2015. He also noticed that of the folks who did register, about 15 percent of them didn’t show up on race day. Boziwick decided to reach out to his long-time partner, ACTIVE, for help on getting back into first place.

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Focusing on four key areas—digital marketing, registration timing, tiered pricing and mobile packet pickup—Boziwick’s account manager with ACTIVE was able to help the race completely turn around important outcomes in 2016.

While celebrating the 39th anniversary of the Great Cow Harbor 10K, the strategic makeover resulted in surpassing 2015’s total revenue three months before 2016’s event while also growing the event by 543 participants and $50,000. By sending timely email blitzes and opening registration at different times and price points, the event was able to collect most of its revenue in advance of the event, allowing for the valuable capital to be used to create a great race experience.great-cow-harbor-finish-line-resized

Like many long-time endurance events, the Great Cow Harbor 10K was impacted by greater saturation of endurance events in the region that meant stiffer competition for participants. Not to mention that the event was underpriced for the market. Small tweaks, rolled out in phases that were manageable to the event team, took the race’s potential to the next level without compromising what returning participants love about the race.

“It is a pleasure to have someone at ACTIVE who guides you through the ongoing back-end processes while you are spending most your time on the operation of the race, on participants, on security, on sponsorship; to have someone coaching us on what needs to be done next,” said Rich Boziwick.

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