Now is the Time to Plan Your Turkey Trot

It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit with the dog days of summer still nipping at our heels. But if you’re planning to capitalize on the popular fall holiday favorite, the Turkey Trot, you’ve got to get started.

Thanksgiving is only 4 months away, so Turkey Trot organizers everywhere are getting their turkeys in a row. 

If you’re new to a themed race, download our guide to learn everything you need to know about planning a successful race.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Organizing a stand-out race: As Turkey Trots have become a growing Thanksgiving Day tradition, competition can be a real concern. Find out how to set your race apart.
  • Race-planning priorities: While turkey costumes are fun and silly, organizing a race is serious business. Get key info on your top priorities for every phase of planning.
  • Marketing and promotion: To have a successful race, you must have racers! Learn the most efficient ways to get the word out and keep your participants updated.
  • Making the most of your race: The holidays are the perfect time to inspire the spirit of giving. Find out how to leverage your race to benefit a cause you care about while also rallying sponsor support.
  • Rounding up your racers: Your registration process can make or break your race. As experts at online registration, we have great tips for keeping things simple and hassle-free – for race organizers and participants.
  • Race day fun: This is why people come out! Find out how to make race day fun by embracing the holiday theme.
  • Race day essentials: From setting up tables to handing out goodie bags, we’ll help you think through the essentials of race day.
  • Wrapping things up: Key wrap-up tactics can help you take advantage of race day momentum and prep for next year’s event.

Whether you’re planning your first or your 50th Turkey Trot, download our guide to help you conceive, fine-tune, or overhaul your holiday race.