6 Jedi Mind Tricks for Blasting Through Our Top Support Questions

Not long from now in a galaxy not very far away (basically: here), you’re going to find yourself in a time crunch. And no matter how strong the Force is with you and your team, you’re going to need answers — and you’re going to need them fast.

Never fear, young Padawan. This scenario was foreseen in a previous era by your ACTIVE Net Support Team. They secured information they knew you might need in an easy-to-access location: our Help Center. Bookmark these top-visited articles now, so there’s no scrambling around if you find your back up against the wall.

Unknown Credit Card Charge

If a participant contacts your organization asking about a transaction showing a merchant descriptor such as ACT* or ACTIVE-Network preceding your organization name prefix, then the participant registered and paid for an activity online or through your point-of-sale (POS) system. For additional details on various ACTIVE Network charges, please refer to this article.

Sorting a CSV file

When you need a quick reminder of the steps needed to sort your data in Excel so you can see it from specific angles, visit this article.

Cancel Registration and/or Issue Refund

Before issuing refunds, familiarize yourself with the different refund and cancellation scenarios you may encounter, and how to handle them.

Run Revenue Report

The Revenue Report provides a list of all payments and transactions, including summaries for total net income, refunds and processing fees. Filter by date, event, participant payment status, payments sent from ACTIVE and more. Find the specific report you need through this article.

Run Registration Report

The Registration Report provides a list of all registrations for your event, including participants’ responses to registration form questions. Get the information you need fast here.

Register Someone Offline

Were some participants unable to register online? No problem! Front desk or offline registrations include entries for those athletes who want to register in-office or on-site or pay by cash or check. Get all the details for registering someone offline and managing offline registrations here.

May you never again have to say, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”