Running USA 2017 Hot Topic Review: Social Media Tips

Marketing continues to be a hot topic among Race Directors, with social media leading marketing-related questions. If you missed the conference, didn’t make it to all the sessions you’d hoped, or can’t read your notes, we’ve got you covered!


In a session hosted by Jessica and Tim Murphy, owners of BibRave, an emerging powerhouse for influencer marketing in the endurance space, we heard some great takeaways:

Emerging social media tactics

  • The use of geo-filtering on Snapchat to touch a younger, engaged audience nearby.
  • Using Facebook Live to drop big announcements and driving more success by pre-promoting when you’ll be streaming. Start with existing peak times, but then experiment with various times to find what works best for your audience.

Other social media tips

  • Small race staff? Take time once a week or once a month to schedule out social posts to make it more manageable.
  • Napa Valley Marathon found success in showing short course videos on social, one mile at a time.
  • When sharing course photos or videos, tag the businesses pictured; they’ll often be shared, increasing your reach.

Influencer marketing

  • When using brand ambassadors, it’s not necessarily about the size of their numbers, but their level of authenticity.
  • When looking for influencers, first tap into your database of repeat participants.



Ryan Pence, our Digital Marketing Consultant stationed in the ACTIVE Power Plant to provide marketing tips and answer questions (shown here with Danny Bourgeois, The Louisiana Marathon Race Director) recommended these top tips and mistakes to avoid:

3 new things to try in social media in 2017

Social media mistakes to avoid

  • Having no social media strategy. If you want to be successful, take a bit of time to think about your plan and approach. This doesn’t have to be an in-depth post by post strategy, just something to keep you on track and help you measure your goals.
  • Don’t pay for fake followers. Having lots of likes/fans/followers is nice but it won’t let your participants convert or increase engagement if they aren’t real.
  • Don’t be afraid to reshare or repost from industry leaders if you know it will be useful to your followers. Curating others’ posts helps increase market awareness with participants and lets them know you’re willing to communicate.
  • Share posts/information consistently and accurately. Posting too much content can turn off your followers while fake/untrue content can be harmful to your reputation.
  • PROOFREAD! Grammar and spelling issues hurt your online presence more than you know.

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