3 Race Director Takeaways from the IPICO Connect Users Summit

Earlier this month we hosted IPICO Connect, our annual event for IPICO timers, providing timing insights and training from the world’s leading Endurance experts. In our hands-on hardware and software labs, our timers learned about new and emerging timing technology and strategies to transform their business. And they networked with the best timers from across the globe.

We’re excited to see how seriously timers take their jobs and the extent to which they’ll go to ensure the success of your events.


1. Your timer really cares about the experience your participants have at the start and finish lines.

Accurate timing is your timer’s #1 goal. The seconds and fractions of seconds matter and timers want to ensure your results are accurate and delivered as quickly as possible.

When necessary, they invest in timing equipment to supplement chip timing, such as FinishLynx finish line cameras, to identify those truly photo-finish moments and back up close calls. This requires a substantial financial investment, as well as extensive training on additional timing processes and software to ensure your track meets, crit races and triathlons have spot-on results.

They may also provide low-profile mats that prevent runners from tripping or free-standing timing antennae that give cyclists a seamless ride. And they’re committed to extending their abilities to time road and off-road races, or even Nordic events, so as you expand the types of events you produce, they can continue supporting you.

2. Participant loyalty matters to your timers too, and they work hard to bring you the newest and best solutions.

Investing in versatile timing solutions for every event, including hardware that will suit your entire portfolio of events from mud runs to marathons, is a primary way that timers prove their commitment to you. Many use IPICO timing products, which are rugged and created to withstand punishing conditions.

Timers are interested in delivering excellence through the use of cutting-edge technologies. They know the value of integrated platforms, from registration through results, including:

3. Your timer may offer a lot more services than you think.

Many timers are expanding their offerings to include:

  • Event Rentals & Services
    • Barricades, finish line trusses, sound systems
    • Course measuring & certification and race-day course marketing
  • Event marketing services
    • Large databases targeted with newsletters or dedicated emails
    • Online banner ads and placements on results pages and event calendars
  • Customized keepsakes for your participants

    A partnership between Race Director and Timer can only strengthen the quality of your event. Learn how to Create a Flawless Finish Line with your timer: