Tri to Close the Gender Gap

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Female Triathlon Participants Tell Us What Encouraged Them to Join the Sport

From 2005-2010, we saw a boom in female triathlon participation. If you’ve been wondering how triathlons for women are faring today, you’ll be interested to learn that you’re not alone.

The conversation came up first with USA Triathlon and Triathlon Business International and has since been broached with female triathletes themselves, as we ask the question: How can we reinvigorate that growth?

In this Endurance Sportwire article, Want More Women Participation in Triathlon Events? Start Focusing On the Right Things, our very own Eric Koenig, Senior Strategic Account Executive and triathlete, discusses the findings of current demographic data around triathlons against running data in general, along with the challenges and opportunities female-focused triathlon Directors — and female triathletes — face today. There are some encouraging trends to watch, but maybe we can do more.

Eric will be continuing the conversation at the Triathlon Business International Conference and the USA Triathlon Race Directors Symposium later this month in Dallas, Texas, and hopes to see you there!

Or join Eric at his upcoming webinar on the same topic to share your views. Click below for more information and to register.

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