Surprisingly Easy Ways to Overcome Every Event Challenge


Race directors face challenge after challenge when planning and managing events. Keeping a race or event on target is difficult– even if everything goes accordingly.

Because the challenges are so varied, you need a variety of solutions and tools. If it’s been a while since you’ve investigated the continuously evolving technology solutions being created for race management- or you’re frustrated with the way your solutions don’t play nice together, the next 45 minutes could change all that for you.

Access our Race Directors Toolkit for every event challenge you face.

Equipping You for Every Stage of Your Event’s Lifecycle

We’ve been focusing on equipping event directors with resources and solutions for every point of your event lifecycle — from start to finish and gearing up to start again.

Imagine a suite of race management tools that correspond to the challenges you face:

  • Making sure your marketing and advertising are getting the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Bringing in revenue early on to pay your vendors
  • Finding the most efficient ways to handle emergency communication at an event
  • Managing your database and email with multiple tools
  • Finding new revenue streams
  • Engaging an audience beyond your participants (i.e. spectators)
  • Driving participant behavior further down your sales funnel
  • Eliminating race day volunteer chaos and packet pickup lines
  • Delivering measurable value to sponsors
  • Reducing event waste
  • Figuring out how to use your data to make critical decisions about your event location, date, registration dates, pricing strategies and more
  • Getting participants to engagereturn and refer others to your event

Explore cutting-edge solutions to these challenges—and more—with our on-demand Race Directors Toolkit webinar.

Toby Green, our international director from London, and Byron Carroll, our director of product from Dallas, Texas, will show you the new options available to you make your next event not only easy to manage, but also profitable and highly-regarded. Click here to access the webinar.