The Only Guide You Need for a Smooth Race Day


No matter how much work goes into planning an endurance event, race day can be very chaotic. ACTIVE On-Site, the smartphone and tablet app that seamlessly syncs with ACTIVEWorks Endurance, cuts down on the chaos considerably by allowing you to equip multiple race-day volunteers with smartphones or tablets to quickly check-in participants and register new participants.

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But there’s a lot to do before race day to be sure you, your team and your volunteers are up to speed on how to prep the On-Site app and how to best use it on race day. So, we’ve created a helpful guide that’s jam-packed with all the useful information you’ll need to prepare your devices, your staff and the app itself.

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Here’s a sample of what the guide covers:

  1. Technical Requirements: On-Site is designed to work on certain smartphones and tablets, so be sure you are equipped with the correct devices. The guide will also discuss how to calculate how many devices you’ll need according to your number of expected participants.
  1. How to Prepare Before Race Day: In order to be sure that your race day registration and check-in lines are as swift-moving and smooth as possible, you’ll need to do a fair amount of prep. Ensuring your ACTIVEWorks Endurance account is up-to-date, creating usernames and passwords for each device and training volunteers are just some of the prep items the guide covers.
  1. Race Day Tips: There are a couple of different modes with which to use On-Site, and the guide covers them all. You’ll also find answers to common questions about issues that might arise on race day.

on-site-best-practices-guide-thumbnailBe sure to grab the ACTIVE On-Site Best Practices Guide before your next event…

on-site-volunteer-guide-thumbnailand the On-Site Volunteer Guide, for getting and keeping your volunteers up-to-speed.