A New Way To Build Stronger Customer Relationships

customers-more-than-blog-imageYour existing customers are among your most valuable assets. When nurtured, they are a recurring source of feedback, referrals, and revenue. They are your brand ambassadors and your champions. And while most organizers know that building and maintaining a strong relationship with their customers is critical to their success, few feel they do so effectively.

In a recent survey, we asked event organizers “How important is it for you to establish a strong connection with your existing participants?” 96% of respondents stated that it was “Important” or “Extremely Important” and only 23% felt they were doing an above average job at building relationships with their participants.

Too Much Data, Not Enough Time

A common problem for event organizers is that the most important questions are the most difficult to answer: Who are my top customers? Who are my brand ambassadors? How much are they spending? Are they returning year over year?

Why do organizers struggle to find this information? Because the process requires significant time, effort and, often, additional software. Reports must be exported. Data must be consolidated. Hours must be spent extracting the valuable answers from spreadsheets.

While you know the value of this information, unless you are one of the few organizers to have a dedicated marketing or customer analysis team, it’s time-consuming.

And if you’re working with a marketing team, complete with a dedicated Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you understand first-hand the significant costs incurred gaining this insight.

A Spreadsheet is Not a Relationship

Identifying these customers is only half the battle. Relationships aren’t built on data alone. They’re built on connection and communication, and you need reliable tools and a targeted communication strategy to ensure that you’re building the strongest relationships with your most valuable customers.

Often organizers use email communication tools that are disconnected from their event management platform, requiring them to manually manage a data export and import process that can be so time consuming and frustrating that it may be abandoned all together.

A Better Way to Engage Your Customers

You shouldn’t need to spend time manipulating spreadsheets and contact lists in order to build lasting relationships with your most valuable customers and keep them coming back event after event.

At ACTIVE, we want to make the hard things easy. The complex, simple. And we’ve made improvements to our platform over the past few months to take the pain out of empowering your customers:

  • In June, we released an improved email tool to help you market your event and communicate with customers.
  • In August, we added a Referral Rebate to help you turn your participants into ambassadors by incentivizing social referrals.
  • Today, we are excited to announce a brand new set of tools that will help you understand and communicate with your customers better than ever before.

4 Ways These New Tools Will Help You Build Stronger Relationships with Your Participants

1) Identify Repeat Participants – And Keep Them Coming Back 

  • Create a Custom Segment to group all participants who have registered for more than 2 events
  • Tight integration with our email tool helps you save these participants as a Contact List – no exporting or importing required
  • Email them a 20% discount on your upcoming event as part of your loyalty program.


2) Develop Brand Ambassadors

  • Use Custom Segments to target registrants who have generated a high number of referrals using the Referral Rebate tool
  • Encourage additional referrals and reward them for their loyalty


3) Targeted Communication

  • Use Custom Segments to target email communication to specific demographics:
    • Social media-heavy content to millennials
    • Merchandise and add-on-heavy content to big spenders
    • Athletic sponsor-focused content to returning frequent participants
  • Direct integration with email tool allows for granular targeting and segmentation without the need for manual contact list management (e.g., exporting from ACTIVE, data cleansing, importing to Mailchimp)

4) Personalize the Customer Experience

  • Your team now has immediate access to the entire registration, purchase, and email history of each of your customers.
  • When a customer calls or emails, you can easily reference every interaction your organization has had with them and use this information to personalize your conversation.
    • Search for participant
    • Immediate access to their registration, purchase, and email history
    • Tailor conversation accordingly
  • When communicating via our email tool, personalize and automate your messages to registrants by inserting objects, like ‘registrant_name’ or ‘event_start_date,’ that autofill content when the email sends

Successful events are built on successful relationships. In today’s crowded event market, participants are surrounded by impersonal and insincere messages. Stand out from the crowd by fostering honest and valuable relationships through relevant and personalized communication with your participants.

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