Marketing Tip: Engage Prospects with Your “Value Wedge”

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As a race director, you may be an expert in your industry, but that doesn’t mean you’re an Create Your Value Wedge CTA.Americasexpert in marketing. Good news: You don’t have to run a big corporation or have a marketing degree to use the effective strategies the big boys are using.

Take the “Value Wedge.” Ever heard of it?

Create Your Value Wedge CTA.AsiaIt’s a simple concept that helps you engage more participants to your event. And we can show you how to create your unique value wedge in only 15 minutes. Click on your region to the right for more information.

The Value Wedge Explained

Create Your Value Wedge CTA.EuropeA value wedge is something you actually already know and understand well, and that’s the concept of things that OVERLAP and things that don’t.

Marketing is about relationships and all kinds of relationships are about overlap:

  • Create Your Value Wedge CTA.AustraliaRomance develops because of what two people have in common – the overlap of common interests and values
  • Lifelong friendships withstand the test of time because of mutual history – the overlap of shared experiences
  • Brand alliances are formed when an event’s good and services align with a consumer’s needs or desires – the overlap of supply and demand.

For your organization, it’s all about intersections of similarity and differentiation – finding unmet needs in your market and differentiating your event from the competition. It’s as simple as this:

END value wedge

And that little red wedge is where you focus your event marketing messaging!


The endurance market is highly competitive. The overlap between what your events deliver to your participants and what other events offers them (that’s the green section; the “value parity”) can be very high.

That’s why you may need to get very creative and strategic about what you can offer that your competition can’t or doesn’t (Value Wedge). Strategies can include:

  • Creating buyer personas so you’ll know your target customers and what they’re looking for
  • Researching signature offerings that other industries use to provide extra value.1
  • Using better race management software that lets you deliver the convenience your participants demand
  • Accessing data that helps you focus your marketing dollars where they count


Our participation research can give you a competitive edge for your value wedge and our Digital Marketing Consultant Manager, Will Bowman, can show you in only 15 minutes how to create your value wedge.

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1 Purple Goldfish Project