Learning from Those Around You: 4 Tips for Better Races from Sandi Lake

Untitled designSandi Lake of Lake 2 Productions has been creating experiences for decades. Starting in the theme park industry, working in advertising and then in event creation, she’s been able to incorporate personal motivators into her work life. After planning everything from corporate functions to weddings, she challenged herself and produced her first 5K. From there, she was hooked.

We recently talked to Sandi about how she approaches new events, learning from competing events and getting to know your participants.

  1. Create something from nothing in a creative way

“I equate events to assembling a puzzle: seeing a blank canvas, pouring the pieces out of the box (or the client’s mind), fitting each piece together, setting it up and watching participants enjoy an experience.”

  1. Always stand out, especially when you have competing events

“As with any event, even in the same city, the only way to stand out is to stage something different, produce it well and exceed participants’ expectations.”

  1. Learn from every event around you

“Attend – and if possible participate in – as many events as you can. It’s a great opportunity to interact with other participants, listen to their comments, experience the event and determine what you can incorporate from that event into making yours even more successful.”

  1. Learn about your participants and what motivates them

“Once you know what motivated someone to sign up for your event, you can work to create a product that will keep them coming back.”

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