How to Differentiate Your Race (and More) by Creating Engaging Events

Endurance races have to stand out to be different and Dave McGillivray says the main focus these days is on the more: more competitive, more permission, more sponsors and more runners.

McGillivray recently told webinar attendees that in order to truly stand out, you need the most important “more” element: You need to be more than the race next door.

And McGillivray knows what he’s talking about. He’s helped organize more than 1,000 mass participatory events and has been the race director for the Boston Marathon since 1988.

“There’s such a proliferation of events now that we all have to step up our game a little bit.” McGillivray said. “We all have to be a little bit different – a little bit better.”

With so many factors – date, location, swag, the philanthropic cause, the overall quality of the race and more – find out from Dave what you need to focus on to truly differentiate your event.

Watch Dave McGillivray’s Creating Engaging Events Webinar