Burned Bagels, Stolen Shoes and No Water: How Not to Join the Race Mistakes Hall of Fame

Dave McGillivray Webinar[1]Dave McGillivray is in two Hall of Fames, and he’s quick to point that out.

As a member of the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame, McGillivray is an accomplished athlete with decades of endurance training. The second Hall of Fame is a lesser-known accomplishment.

“I’m in the Race Mistakes Hall of Fame,” McGillivray told webinar attendees in his thick Boston accent.

“If a mistake was going to be made, I made them all,” he said while talking about how to avoid common mistakes made by race directors, and offering tips and tricks on how to make your race day go smoother.

McGillivray – race director, philanthropist, motivational speaker and an athlete – has helped organize more than 900 mass participatory events and has been the race director for the Boston Marathon since the late 1980s.

From delegating details and expecting to have issues on your course to learning from mistakes others have made, McGillivray focused his presentation on learning how to be a planner, not a crisis manager (though how to be a good one, when needed).

Watch Dave McGillivray’s Race Mistakes Hall of Fame Webinar