5 Pieces of Real-World Advice From the Commando Challenge Event Director

Event Director SingaporeJack Tucker of MegaAdventure in Singapore is the event director of the Commando Challenge. We recently spotlighted him in our Event Director of the Month series, but in case you missed that, here is a quick summary of his five best pieces of advice:

  1.  Obstacle Challenges: Can You Build Off-Site?

“…obstacles are what make us special; however, they also pose a challenge due to the cost of materials in Singapore, and timelines allowed to build and set-up for the event. We overcame these issues by engaging great suppliers who could build the obstacles off-site, and then deliver them to the venue when it became available.”

  1. Facebook: Don’t Do the Hard Sell

“We have gone for a content strategy as opposed to purely hard sell after hard sell. We post articles on training and healthy eating, as well as videos and tips on how to take on the specific challenges faced at our event. We not only create our own content, we also share what experts in the health and fitness industry are saying. We have learnt the power of videos, sharing other peoples, and uploading our own.”

“Facebook also makes it easy to promote your event and target the specific demographic that would be interested in our event.”

  1. Word of Mouth: Incentivize It

“…we focus on word-of-mouth marketing. If we can convince one person to register, they will inevitably go out and recruit their peers to join them, and we obviously incentivise them to do so too!”

  1. Registration: Hype It, Then Open

“We aim to have at least three months with registrations open…Registrations need to open once there is sufficient hype built around the event, opening it before then is counterintuitive and you miss out on the initial surge.”

  1. Feedback: Listen Up

“We like to listen to our participants regarding prices. We listen to the feedback we receive from our events, and align our pricing strategy with this is mind.”

Bonus: What Type of Data Would You Love to Have?

“I would like to know what percentage of people that are aware of the event, actually end up signing up for it. This would help to determine how many people we need to engage, in order to reach target capacity.”

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