4 Ways to Fill Your Event With Holiday Promotions

holiday disounts

As people are bombarded with splashy advertising during the holiday season, switch up the messaging and offer them a gift that is positive and healthy: a spot on your start line. This is the perfect time of year to promote and drive participation for your event, while encouraging people to get going on their healthy resolutions.

Here are four ways to fill your event with happy holiday promotions:

  1. Open Registration Earlier

Open registration for your next event now and promote it as a holiday special via email, social media, and other marketing channels. This will stir up buzz and give you a surge in registrations while ensuring your event can be a part of everyone’s gift list and resolution. With ACTIVEWorks, it’s easy to set custom registration open and close dates at will, with just a few clicks.

  1. Create a Series of Discounts

Put on your thinking cap and come up with a creative theme that you can tie to a series of discounts. Offering a series will, again, build up hype. For example, with a “Santa’s Reindeer” marketing campaign, you could offer nine days of discounts: “10% off from Dasher,” “$10 Off Registration Blitz from Blitzen,” etc. It’s quick and easy to set up virtually any type of discount in ACTIVEWorks—you can create unique codes, offer discounts by percentage or amount, and specify start and end dates. You’ll have a lot of flexibility, you just need to come up with a brilliant idea.

  1. Offer a Flash Sale

You know how these work—the whole idea is to act lightning fast. Offer a limited-time sale (usually only a day) on discounted registration, or even your race merchandise. Market it to targeted audiences, like your past participants or social media followers. Don’t forget to set a limit on the number of registrants you’ll accept at this price and a tight timeframe to provoke immediate action.

  1. Launch a Social Media Contest

Get festive on your social media profiles, the channels where you can really make an impact if you get the timing right. Launch a holiday social media contest for free registrations and create a hashtag to support it. For example, ask people to post awkward pictures with Santa, a selfie of their New Year’s Resolution, their favorite winter running routes, etc. You can choose a winner or two to get a free registration, while attracting new followers and engaging current followers with a fun, relevant contest that could give your registration a little uptick.

You don’t have to be a department store to launch a marketing campaign during the gift-giving season. (And the experience your event offers is way better than a new toy drone!) Give the gift of registration this holiday season to fill your event quicker – ‘tis the season to be racing after all.

Have you run a successful holiday promotion for your event? Tell us about it in the comments.