Major Milestones in Turkey Trot History

These days Turkey Trots are almost as much of a tradition as the (deliciously deep-fried) bird itself. Ever wonder if the Pilgrims brought this tradition over, too? Not quite. It all started back in 1896 when Buffalo, New York, claimed to be the first ever Turkey Trot with six runners competing on an 8 km dirt road. Twenty years later, in 1916, the famous Troy Turkey Trot held its inaugural event. It became an annual event in 1947 and is currently America’s 12th oldest road race and the 11th largest Turkey Trot with nearly 8,000 participants from 37 states expected in 2015.

Cities across the nation are making Turkey Trots into traditions. We’ve seen an incredible increase in these events over the past three years, in particular—there’s been a growth of more than 400%! On alone, there are 4,300 Turkey Trot events listed for 2015. And participation is growing too. To date, the largest Thanksgiving Day race has been the Run to Feed the Hungry 5K/10K in Sacramento, California, which hosted a whopping 22,546 participants.

Wattle know more? Check out this infographic to see more fun facts in Turkey Trot history:

History of the Turkey Trot