How to Score Up to 12% More Registrations


With dozens of distractions begging for attention on our smartphones alone, is it all that surprising that about 67 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before any money is exchanged? Your race registration site may be suffering from the same malady, with racers fully intending to register, but giving in to one distraction or another before actually completing the transaction.

Luckily, ACTIVEWorks’ abandoned cart email technology helps you convert these would-be lost registrants. By sending a simple, well-timed email after a customer starts to register—without finishing—you’ll help to stop some of the distraction-induced registration loss. Some of our customers see abandoned cart emails bring in as many as 12 percent of their total registrations.

It’s pretty simple. Once your event is found, and a potential participant starts the registration process, but doesn’t complete it, this feature will send them up to three reminders to finish registering for your event—emails four hours, 48 hours and 72 hours after their registration started.

Activate this feature in a few clicks. Head to step 10 of ACTIVEWorks’ setup flow, there’s a section called “abandoned cart emails.” Click to activate the feature and we’ll start sending the set of auto emails. Feel free to leave the template as is, or edit the text or look of the email.

abandon cart email

Track your success easily in the Perspective Registration Report and see how well this feature is working for you.

There’s more about how to activate this feature and edit the emails in our Help Center.