2 Useful Ways ACTIVEWorks Helps You Send Better Emails

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The hands-down, best way to reach potential registrants and stay connected with participants past is through their email inboxes. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been bringing you regular blog posts on the power of email marketing and how you can use it to reach your goals.

Over at ACTIVE HQ, the ACTIVEWorks product team has been hard at work making it easier for race directors to send great emails. We’ve made a couple of updates to the email functionality:

  • Easily make sure your participants have the info they need: Chances are, you’re not sending confirmation emails for the heck of it. Your participants are getting important, need-to-know information they will likely need come race day. If someone doesn’t have this info, or accidentally deleted it, now it’s ridiculously easy to re-send—right from your ACTIVEWorks Dashboard or Participants tab. With On-Site, you might also need to make sure participants have their QR code for easy check-in on race day, as well. (There’s also a short video to show you how.)
  • Swap out important links in two seconds: Your email signature is, well, your signature. It’s a place where you absolutely should be promoting your events, your blog, your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts—just about anything. You might even update your email signature on a daily basis, letting people know you’re counting down to race day. Yet another scenario might be that an email is coming from a different staff member, or, it’s a generic email, which may not need a signature at all. Now, changing your email signature is quick and completely devoid of a big fuss. Edit or remove your email signature right from the body of your email, with each email.

There’s a lot more to emails in ACTIVEWorks, and the Help Center is another great resource. Learn how to create emails, email past and current participants and even send a mass email just to team captains.

Have a question about how to send emails in ACTIVEWorks? Leave it in the comments.