How ACTIVEWorks Made Team Registrations Way Easier for You

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Teams are pretty important for those of us living this side of age three. From school-aged team activities to the ubiquitous work “team,” doing things with a group is the preferred way to reach a goal for most. The endurance industry is no different, considering that almost half of “fun” run participants do so as part of a team.

That’s why we’ve put a lot of time into improving how you handle team registrations. You’re now able to manage everything from team payments to rule enforcement easier in ACTIVEWorks Endurance. See how: 

  1. Override Rule Violations to Merge Teams: Merge any two self-registration teams, except fundraising and NPTC teams, and decide which team is absorbed into another. If a team rule is violated as a result of the merge, you’re still able to perform the merge, but a warning message of any rule violation will display with instructions on how to fix it.
  1. Simpler Team Registration Transfer: When team members transfer their registrations to other athletes, the new athletes no longer need to manually select the team while claiming registration. They are now put into the team automatically.

team transfer

  1. Easily Transfer an Entire Team: You can now transfer a whole team to a new price category. During the transfer, you’re able to choose how to handle the price differences of each team member in the same manner as transferring team members one by one. For example, choose to absorb the price difference, charge a price difference, charge a fee or issue a refund.
  1. Check for Broken Team Rules: A new column called “Team Rule Violations” has been added to the team report to display any team rules that have been broken during a team registration, like team size is over the max team size allowed, team members are not in the same category as team captain or registrants didn’t create a team if they registered in a price category that requires “create team only.”
  1. Create Team Creation Confirmation Email: Let your team captains know when you create a team for them with an easy confirmation email.

The upgrades are available now in ACTIVEWorks Endurance. To learn more about setting up team registration, visit the ACTIVEWorks Help Center.