How Powerful Is Your Event’s Social Media?


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Let’s face it: Social media is absolutely crucial for every race director these days.

Just think that among the age groups that most heavily populate endurance events, i.e. those between 25 and 54, people are spending about 25 percent of their waking hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social sites.

Now that you know you need to be on social, how do you determine whether your social media efforts are working?

Take this short quiz to find out how your social plan ranks, and, when you’re done, be sure to register for our short webinar to learn what tactics work for event organizers like you.

No matter your score, there will be valuable social media lessons in our short webinar, Understanding the Basics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Presented by ACTIVE’s in-house social media expert, Will Bowman, you’ll learn specific social media strategies that work for event directors like you.

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