#RunChat: 5 Practical Lessons We Learned About Your Runners

#RunChat 5 Practical Lessons Blog Graphic

Want to get inside the minds of thousands of runners without putting down your iPhone? Pop in to #RunChat, a weekly Twitter chat curated by @therunchat for their 30,000 followers. Each week, hosts David Hylton and Scott Miles, ask their followers six questions about their experiences with running events.

The insight is always interesting, and the chats are full of thought-provoking ideas that could spark your creativity before your next event.

Last Sunday, we learned a ton about why participants are so passionate and how you can keep them coming back. Read on for our top five take-aways.

1. We don’t have to tell you this, but it’s always nice to be reminded of why people want to race. Spoiler alert: #allthefeels.


2. Though medals will always be important, runners are also looking for practical swag, like mugs, jackets and socks.


3. Social media isn’t the latest meaningless marketing trend. Your participants are depending on you to be active and they want to communicate with you there.  

4. The more you can connect with the running and endurance communities on social, the better for your participants.  

5. The trends come and go, but runners are always searching for a memorable experience. Period.