7 Reasons You’ll Be Happy You Snagged the Strategic Playbook


“There’s no handbook to planning an amazing race,” used to be something that race directors could say when faced with challenging questions, like how to create a tiered price strategy or what to do about long check-in lines at events.

The Strategic Event Planning Playbook is that handbook and your answer to those kinds of questions. Our ACTIVE Network team created this guide using the lessons learned after helping hundreds of thousands of race directors create memorable experiences for their participants while increasing registrants and revenue.

We consolidated the most common troubles, from how to set registration deadlines to how to secure sponsorship.

You’ll be really happy you downloaded this free playbook and here’s why:

1. Take the guesswork out of registration deadlines: After your future participants have decided to participate in an endurance event, they are scouring Active.com in search of events that are available to them. Nailing this part of your event strategy is key to reaching a wide range of registrants.

2. Easily appoint ambassadors for your event: Even with digital tools and effective marketing tactics, a lot of people still rely pretty heavily on word of mouth to make buying decisions. With team registrations, you can easily leverage the power of word-of-mouth promotion as team leaders and team members recruit for your race, from their networks.

3. Make sure the price is right: Instead of offering your event for one flat rate, this playbook offers ways to create a pricing strategy that maximizes revenue.

4. Utilize sponsors and partners to grow your event: You know you want sponsors, but how do you get them? And, once you’ve got them, what should you do to keep everyone happy? We offer some pointers to leverage event and charity partnerships to grow your event.

5. Remember that email’s alive and well (and crucial to your event!): A good email marketing campaign will increase your registration numbers by making sure you don’t leave any stone unturned. We worked with on organizer who attracted an additional 300 entries just by emailing registrants with a “refer a friend” offer.

6. Think outside of the box for unique merchandising opportunities: Your participants are hungry for valuable merchandise they’ll need to train and race. Make sure that you’re being creative about what you offer—anything from custom medals to wetsuit rentals—to meet your revenue goals.

7. Don’t be afraid of race-day registrations: Call it spontaneity or call it procrastination, but a majority of endurance athletes wait until a month or a few weeks prior to register for an event. Beyond that, even more stragglers want to show up at an event and register on the spot. This playbook helps you nail your on-site registration strategy to bring in more participants.