7 Running Infographics to Blow Your Mind

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The culture of running around the world is so vast and so diverse that it’s next to impossible to know it all—even for seasoned race directors.

An infographic has to be worth at least 100 words, so check out some of the coolest running infographics we’ve found to delve even deeper into the runner’s universe:

1. Californians love a marathon: 76 per year!

running infographic 1

2. In 1980, only 10 percent of marathon runners were women. Thirty-plus years later, that figure is more like 61 percent.

running infographic 2

3. Triathletes (1,715 calories) burn just over half the calories of marathon runners, who burn about 3,105 calories.

running infographics 3


4. Half marathons are rocking: 73 percent of endurance athletes polled last year said they planned to complete one for their next event.

running infographic 4

5. Most endurance athletes are married—71 percent of male runners enjoy wedded bliss while more than 63 percent of women runners have taken status.

running infographic 5

6. While “finishing last” and “hitting the wall” are among the most common fears of marathon runners, “bad weather” is also up there.

running infographic 6


7. Mud Runs are an exploding among younger runners—the average participant age is 26.

running infographic 7