4 Tips to Get Busy Mom Athletes to Notice You


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A boys club the endurance industry is not. Women are moving even further into the world of distance running and cycling—lots of them mothers.

A few quick stats about women in the industry, according to Running USA and USA Triathlon‘s latest reports:

  • 61 percent of half-marathoners in 2013 were women
  • 43 percent of marathoners in 2013 were women
  • 36.5 percent of triathlon competitors in 2013 were women
  • Nearly 60 percent of ACTIVE.com’s Facebook fans are women.

We’ve been researching an interesting segment of the mom population—”Millennial Moms.” They represent about 1 in 5 mothers in the United States and they’re women born in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

We’ve got your quick and dirty guide to making sure you’re grabbing this super-engaged demographic and that they’re choosing your next events.

  1. Hit them up on social: Younger moms average more than three social network accounts each, according to KRC Research and Weber Shandwick. That’s nearly one whole account more than the average mother. These millennials are also spending more than 17 hours each week on social media—four hours more than other moms.
  2. They love a good deal—offer up a coupon: 90 percent of millennial moms are willing to share their personal preferences and habits with you (useful data!) if you give them a discount or coupon in return.
  3. Send them authentic messages: Authenticity is huge for the millennial generation overall, with social media offering an easy way to sift through brand messages. For millennial moms, this is no different. 59 percent have made purchases based on recommendations from their social networks while 84 percent say user-generated content has an influence on what they buy.
  4. Take some time to understand them: KRC’s research showed that while the perception of young mothers is often a frazzled career climber, 35 percent of millennial moms are actually homemakers. Nearly half of millennial moms feel like products and services aren’t marketed to them. Take a survey or talk to the young mothers in your life to get a better picture of this demographic before you try to woo them to your event.

It’s a lot to remember, so feel free to download the “Mobile, Millennial Mom” infographic here.

mobile millennial mom header image