Get Ready: Google to Favor Mobile-Friendly Websites

reach down

Ballpark answer: About how many times do you glance down at your smartphone per hour? About a million, right? Everyone else in the world apparently does the same thing.
That’s why Google announced recently that mobile-friendly websites—the kind that are responsive to your device—will be ranked much more heavily in Google searches beginning April 21.

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80% of Internet Users Browse on a Smartphone

The obvious fact is that mobile devices are the new computer, displacing the time your participants used to spend in front of big screens with time spent on the mobile Web and on mobile apps.

According to a cool graph from, mobile users of the Web overtook desktop users in dominance way back in 2014 and the margin is only growing. Within the mobile world, apps are causing an even bigger disruption, now accounting for 86 percent of the the time we all spend using the mobile Internet.

April 21 is the Day, So Get Ready

For your potential participants, smartphones are already a part of their journey. They’re using mobile apps to help train for the event and establish healthy eating habits already, so opening a browser and searching for races should be an easy transition for them.

The big question is can your registrants find and register for your event from their iPhone or Android? If the answer is no, you might be in some trouble. Now, more than ever, it’s time to get your site mobile-friendly. Without it, you’re sure to experience the death of your Google opportunities.

Are you prepared for “Nomophobia?”

Basically, the fear of being out of mobile contact. It’s a real thing and we’ve got data to prove it:

nomophobia infographic updated