How Data Can Super-Charge Your Tweets


Here’s the thing about Twitter: It’s not just a place for people to idle away time while waiting in line at the Post Office. At almost nine years old, the micro-blogging social network has come of age and become a legitimate place for event directors to grow their brand and generate potential registrants.

Who, When and What: Create a Twitter Strategy to Drive Registration

The caveat is that you must have a strategy behind your tweets to reap the benefits. Basically, figure out who is seeing your messages, at what time those people are most engaged on Twitter and what those people care about the most.

First stop: Twitter’s analytics dashboard.

create Twitter strategy with followers dashboard

Who: Under the “Followers” tab, Twitter will quickly tell you the demographics of your followers. Look for gender ratio, location (including top cities), top interests and what other accounts your followers follow. This will help you tailor the voice of your tweets along with what information this audience cares about the most.

Next, dig around on Twitter and identify influencers within your key demographics to follow, retweet and directly engage. Influencers are folks in your key demographic with a large and engaged Twitter following who are already talking about endurance events like yours.

When: Timing is everything on Twitter. In general, afternoon tweets receive higher engagement. (Engagement is how people actually interact with your tweets—clicking links, expanding the photos, retweets, etc.).

The best thing to do is create a calendar that tracks when you plan to tweet and at what time. That way, you can refer back to Twitter analytics to find the times when your followers are most engaged and begin to post more during those times.

What: What do you want your audience to know?

Yes, you have an event coming up, but there are many steps in your participants’ journeys before the event takes place. Participants are forming training groups, reading about nutrition and stocking up on gear. You can use your Twitter timeline to provide helpful information, news and even connect participants with each other.

Last Stop: What’s Working?


Create Twitter strategy for endurance events with Tweets dashboard

Data Deep-Dive: Under the “Tweets” tab of Twitter’s analytics dashboard, you are able to see tweet-by-tweet information on what’s working and what isn’t working. Manipulate the dates to see your seven-day, 28-day or monthly data. This is where you can see which content is exciting to your followers and what content you may want to re-think or eliminate.

The metrics provided by Twitter are simple:

Impressions: The number of times someone saw the tweet.
Engagements: The total number of times someone interacted with the tweet, including clicking links, retweeting, commenting or favoriting.
Engagement rate: What percentage of people engaged with the tweet after seeing it.

Over time, you will be able to nail what types of content your followers really want to see and provide only that.

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