Why Your Facebook Likes Might Go Down Today


If you manage a Facebook page to promote your endurance events, you know that the one constant is periodic change.

Facebook Is Deleting Inactive Accounts

The grandfather of social media announced recently that they will begin a process, on March 12 or 13, of purging what they call “memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts” from its network. That means that if any of those accounts were liking your event page, your numbers will drop.

Don’t Panic! Engagement Is More Important Than Likes

While it might be a shock to see your hard work seemingly vanish, the change will actually make your Facebook data more meaningful to you in reaching your participants. It’s easy to get caught up in the number of fans that like your event, but engagement is actually a better way to measure your social media efforts.

Engagement is just how people are interacting with your Facebook posts: liking, sharing and/or commenting. High engagement percentages tell you that people are paying attention to you and enjoy what you have to say.

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Outsmart Facebook

Facebook has a sophisticated algorithm that records with what types of posts users engage and then tinkers with each user’s timeline to try and only show posts that person will enjoy. If you’re managing a Facebook page for your endurance event, the main thing to focus on is relevant posts that your participants will care about.

But, a good strategy never hurts, either. Here’s our advice for figuring out Facebook to promote events: